Posted November 2019

Proactive Collaboration is the key to better Drainage in Mandeville.

We are almost literally surrounded by water.  The water is what makes living here so special – and it creates a threat that we must work together to contain. I stress the need to work together. The water does not impact us equally, but we all shoulder the need for responsible management of drainage because the water table applies to my neighbor as much as me.

Drainage solutions have long been a “political promise” in this area. I’ve become numb reading these campaign slogans about better drainage with no real plan or solution being described. That’s why I am speaking out now, before the election, about what I will do as the mayor.


Drainage Task Force

I can’t solve the drainage issues as one person. At best, the city would only get one person’s ideas.  Instead, I want to crowdsource the plan from the intelligent community of citizen leaders we have in Mandeville.  I will develop a drainage board – comprised of local engineers, land/urban planners, environmentalists, and city/parish/state government leaders.  This task force will be tasked to:

  1. Review all past drainage studies. (the city has already gathered tremendous intel)
  2. Identify, prioritize and estimate the cost for all problem areas.
  3. Create a series of design competition-style RFP’s (request for proposals) for each problem
  4. Submit recommendations to the City Government for funding and implementation.
  5. Involve state and parish government for co-funding as appropriate.


Improving the Status Quo

Most citizens simply want a safe, well maintained, community to live and raise their families in.   We can improve upon what we already have in Mandeville.  I see that as the job of the mayor and city council.

As mayor, my primary focus will be to support, equip and serve the City Hall staff.  Because if the staff’s needs are met, they will be able to meet the needs of citizens.  I will hold them accountable to that mission. City Hall is here to serve Mandeville. Vote me in and I will do the job.

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