Proactive Collaboration

Proactive Collaboration

Posted November 2019

I see five key areas where collaboration is needed.  Under my watch as mayor, we proactively will seek this collaboration by engaging the experts who live and work in our community.

Long-Term Economic Viability

Develop a long-term economic plan by creating a development board of local business leaders, bankers, real-estate professional, developers, contractors, environmentalist and city government leaders.  This group will be tasked to address very specific goals and concerns.


Develop a drainage board of local engineers, land/urban planners, environmentalist, and city/parish/state government leaders/ This group will be tasked to create a realistic plan with contingencies for heavy storms.  Significant research on city drainage already exists.  We will use the intel we now have.


Develop a Public Safety Board of local first responders, school PTA leaders, HOA reps, and city/parish government leaders.  This group will be tasked to identify, prioritize, and estimate costs for addressing all problem/deficient areas


Collaborate with the Causeway Commission, Parish, and State leaders offering ideas to help solve issues that cause traffic to back up into Mandeville City Limits.

Improving the Status Quo

Most citizens simply want a safe, well maintained, community to live and raise their families in.   How do we improve upon that?

In my opinion, this is where the Mayor’s focus needs to be — supporting, equipping and serving the city staff.  Because if the staff’s needs are met, they will meet the needs of citizens.

How do we do that?  Ask me.  Please.  I have a plan and will share the details in future blogs. Better yet, if these topics interest you, please ask me.  Lets discuss it in person. Together we will find a path to better serve Mandeville”.

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