Mandeville Crime: Do You Feel Safe?

Posted August 2019

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is part of a series of communications where I plan to share my ideas for becoming Mayor and my vision for the future of Mandeville. Together, with your support and your input, we can build a better future for our city.

Today, let’s discuss safety. Chances are, we will all answer the above question in the affirmative. Mandeville is a safe place to live and work. Safety is one of the main reasons families chose to move to the Northshore.

Our Crime is Low.
Our local Mandeville police and parish law enforcement office do a great job of protecting and serving us. The stats for major crime in our city are among the lowest in our region – far below those rates seen in Orleans Parish. This is good. However, we must look deeper.

Our Police are Effective.
When crimes do occur, they are usually resolved. Our police do a great job in apprehending and prosecuting criminals. Again, this is good. But, we must look deeper.

Some Crime is “Sneaky”.
As we look deeper we will find the seeds of crime on the increase. This is the case with drugs. Are you aware the Northshore has a drug problem? We have two, in fact.

  1. The I-12 Corridor is a major channel of drug transport. This is a serious matter as serious criminals are passing through our parish. The FBI and DEA are carefully working this situation and many effective techniques are already deployed. Are you aware that the entire I-12 is under constant video surveillance? Smile! Law enforcement is doing a good job – but it is concerning that serious criminals are so close to home.
  2. Mandeville drug use is increasing. Are you aware that serious drug use is on the increase here? Worse perhaps is that many of these drugs are being taken by our high school youth. There is a heroin problem among our teens and young adults. Unfortunately, drug dealers know that Northshore teens have discretionary money to spend…and our kids get targeted because they have cash. This problem is difficult and heartbreaking.

Chief Sticker and the Mandeville Police staff are working hard on this issue. They need our help and our vigilance in making Mandeville safer. I will propose a special task force be formed to help Chief Sticker. We will benchmark effective tactics being used in other communities. We will supply our police with the ideas, the resources and the support needed to turn back this new drug problem. In fact, we will apply the same focus and dedication to any new crime trend that may emerge in the future. Safety is mission critical and my support for our police will not waiver.

In closing, I want to thank you for spending a few minutes reading this blog. Other topics and more information will follow. Please sign up with your email address to stay in touch. Better yet, let me know what you think. I am Chad Bordelon. I live here, work here and raised my family here in Mandeville. I want to feel safe here, just like you do. By the way, I don’t need a job – I’ve enjoyed a successful career here as a small business owner. Instead, I am called to serve and with your help, I want to become your next Mayor in Mandeville. Together, we will build a better Mandeville by keeping it safe.

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And please vote in the city election on Saturday, April 4, 2020.


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