My vision for Mandeville is to become proactive in all that we do.  By nature, I always look far into the future, positively imagining the best and brightest future.

My wife, Karen and I moved to Mandeville shortly after college to start our family.  I want our kids and grandkids to want to live in Mandeville.  For that to happenwe need visionary leadership to see that future, and the expertise to reverse engineer it into creation.

Great vision, ideas, and direction are born from great collaboration.  In my experience, working with diverse groups of all ages is the key to the most effective ideas.  Often my greatest contribution to great ideas at Fleur de Lis Event Center is my willingness to listen to my teammates.

Mandeville does face coming challenges.  Like all municipalities, we face continued loss of revenue from retail closures.  Local retail business; as we know it, are in danger of collapse due to competition from online companies like Amazon.  We need to help our local businesses transition into what I call, “experience type business.”  You can’t cut your hair on Amazon, you must be present.  Promoting these experience driven businesses, needs to be our future focus.  Consider Kmart, Winn Dixie, remember Blockbuster?  The space is still empty!  Mandeville has lost hundreds of thousands in taxes.  I’m not pointing fingers to the past, I’m asking to get involved for our future.

This needs to be a collaborative revitalization effort, between current owners, new entrepreneurs, and local concerned experts.  Mandeville has a vast wealth of untapped knowledge in its concerned residents.  Community involvement should not be limited to P&Z and council meetings, it should be engaged during the “dream stage” of new endeavors.  I have always cherished the opportunity to brainstorm and bounce ideas with my advisory teams in private business, why not use that in our community.  If two heads are better than one, doesn’t that mean many are better than few!  Guiding Mandeville, into the future, should be a community effort.  I’ve heard it said, “The only constant in life, is change”.  I understand change is scary, due to its uncertainty.  So, let’s make that inevitable change, proactive working together, rather than remaining reactive.

Visionary leadership coupled with practical grit and determination, rooted in collaboration are my strongest aptitudes.  I will also focus on infrastructure, expand the police to remove the drugs that are killing our kids.  They have killed some of my dearest friends’ children.  I will be transparent in all I do.  My promise to you is to lead remembering our history, understanding our present, while imagining the best and brightest future.   My life’s experiences have developed me for this job, it isn’t a job I need, it’s a job I’m called to do.

I have been self-employed since 1995, my wife Karen and I have been married for 27 years.   Mandeville is where we have raised our 5 kids since 1994 and my business The Fleur de Lis Event Center is in Mandeville, and I won’t move it.  I plan to die in Mandeville, this is my home, it would be an honor, if you would consider supporting me to lead this Great City into the future.

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