What I Learned Looking for My Cat Brandon

Posted August 2019

Spoiler Alert: We found Brandon, after 20 days of tirelessly searching.

What I Learned: While you can read my diary format with all the details here, today I focus on what I learned.

Searching day and night for nearly three weeks, I was sleep-deprived, ripped up by thorns, and eaten by bugs.  But I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of caring, kindness, and help from my new neighbors of old Mandeville (I live in Mandeville’s Fontainebleau subdivision). You filled my family’s broken heart with hope, we are forever thankful.

  • Thank you to Peter and his wife, a young couple on Madison, who every morning walk around and pick up trash. They aren’t paid, they are simply cleaning up “their home” (old Mandeville) after the guests leave for the night. Who searched and offer continued help.
  • Thank you to retired Fire Chief Tassin, who not only loaned us cat traps but checked them morning and night for us.
  • Thank you to Cayman Sinclair (Lakehouse), John Burns (Lafitte Restaurant), Margot (Flamjeaux), the staff at Old Rail, Beach House and Nuvolari’s, along with others for all the reports and sightings.
  • Thank you to Karen who posted on Nextdoor and Cassie who searched the trace AT NIGHT! Deenie (one of the cat ladies) who supplied traps, cameras, and lots of know-how.
  • Thank you to Randall (CatRescueGuy) from Baton Rouge who came at no fee to climb a tree we thought Brandon was in.
  • Thank you to Ren and Nancy Clark who loaned our family bikes to search and texted me regularly for updates.
  • The list could go on. From Mandeville cops to the fireman on Girod, it was truly a community effort.

So, what about Politics? Yes, I’m running for Mayor of Mandeville. On the surface, this blog may appear to be about politics. But this story is about the residents of Mandeville. It’s about the way we join together to help each other in times of need, like searching for a lost family cat. Brandon became the most popular cat in Mandeville: wherever I went around town, people were looking.

At a recent City Council meeting, Planning Director Kidd, Council Chairwoman Sica, Chief Sticker and others congratulated me on finding Brandon.

By joining together to protect our community like we did to find Brandon, nothing can stop Mandeville from becoming the greatest place to live in Louisiana.  We don’t need more rules, we need more education of the spirit behind the rules we already have.  Working together rooted in kindness and community first, all pulling the same direction, ensuring this treasure – our home – is protected for future generations. As mayor, I vow to understand that and to work hard to protect and maintain our community spirit.

The Happy Ending: Brandon was found 20 days after being lost by my oldest daughter Nadia. Fittingly, it was Nadia who got the tip from Neil at the old theater on Girod that he heard a cat in his office ceiling. She pushed up a ceiling tile and Brandon ran into her arms.

Brandon apologizing to Nadia and swearing that he has learned his lesson!

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And please vote in the city election on Saturday, April 4, 2020.


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